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Danishark Elasmobranch Research is a no-profit association, created by Danilo Rezzolla who is a member of the GRIS,
Gruppo Ricercatori Italiani Squali, and he is an associated researcher at the Aquarium of Milan.
The Association conducts scientific research on cartilaginous fishes and undertakes the following activities to achieve this aim:

- Research Expedition
- Ethological and biological studies on different species of sharks and rays
- Thesis and work experience for university students
- Monographic courses on cartilaginous fish
- Scientific conferences
- Scientific Publications
- Advice on the management of cartilaginous fishes in public aquariums

The current research projects are:
-HammerHead Schooling Research:
Ethological studies on the aggregations of scalloped hammerhead shark (Sphyrna lewini)
in Sudan.

-Whale Shark Ph-id, DJ: Photo-identification of the whale sharks (Rhincodon typus)
in the Gulf of Tadjoura (Djibouti)
Danishark Elasmobranch Research
Danishark Elasmobranch Research